Anzac Day in Ballarat: Sebastopol service

SEBASTOPOL tapped its shoes to the BeeGees classic Stayin' Alive before standing to attention to view the Anzac commemorative service.

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About 300 people lined Albert Street outside the Sebastopol RSL to watch the Anzac Day parade led by the Phoenix P-12 College Army Cadet Unit.

Latique Shelby was joined by his young daughters Talia and Hope who said they would like to be in the parade one day. 

"It's our first time, we just watch it on TV most of the time. Its an education for three of us," Mr Shelby said.

Stewart Hutchison said it was his first time at the Sebastopol procession.

"I sometimes go to the one in Ballarat. I feel guilty I didn't get to the dawn service but the Sebastopol one was great," Mr Hutchison said.

The crowd was silent as Sebastopol RSL president Doug Higgins paid tribute to the fallen diggers. 

"It is a mistake to think that the Anzac Spirit applies only to the men who fought for our country at Gallipoli, the Anzac spirit is truly reflective of the ordinary person who does extraordinary things," he said.

Mr Higgins' speech was hardly disrupted by the departure of two fire trucks attending a nearby grass fire. 

"It's important to get the young kids involved, we go around to the schools and there has definitely been enlightened interest," Mr Higgins, who has just reached his 20th anniversary as president, said.

"The Anzac spirit is in everyone, it flows on."