Calls for uniform speed limit around Lake Wendouree

CONFUSION surrounding changing speed zones on Wendouree Parade has sparked calls for a uniform limit along the busy scenic route.

City of Ballarat councillor Vicki Coltman called for a review of the route during Wednesday's council meeting and a report will be considered by the council's Growth and Development committee next week.

Speed limits change frequently between 40 and 50km/h, with a number of school zones in the area and a recommended 30km/h section adding to the confusion.

Cr Coltman said she believed there remained a high level of confusion in the community about when and where the slower limits kicked in.

"Particularly on the south side of the lake, you're dropping in and out all the time," she said.

"Whether it's always 40 kilometres around the school, I had an argument with a friend who said it was only in school hours.

"It's understanding in the community."

In Wendouree Parade yesterday, Delacombe resident Ian Carroll summed up the zone changes as "really stupid".

He said there was no reason one consistent speed limit of 40km/h could not be applied around the entire length of the lake.

"Probably err on the less-side with 40km/h as there is all the wildlife around," he said.

Ballarat resident Johanna Hunt said she avoided driving on Wendouree Parade as a result of the zone changes and slow flow of traffic.

"If you're going to be booked for speeding it will be around the lake," she said.

Another lake user, Koren Naylor, pointed out how confusing the situation was for motorists when they pulled into Wendouree Parade from connecting streets.

"You don't know immediately (the speed) and you're not going to have signs at every corner," she said,