Davies breaks through for maiden cross-country victory with speedy Suffren

EMERGING talent Jack Davies has broken through for his maiden open cross-country victory on the Ballarat Regional Athletic Centre calendar.

Never headed: Eureka’s Jack Davies runs onto the Burrumbeet racecourse to take out the Chas Suffren men’s open cross country event on Saturday.

Never headed: Eureka’s Jack Davies runs onto the Burrumbeet racecourse to take out the Chas Suffren men’s open cross country event on Saturday.

Davies, who is still eligible to run under-20s, raced away with the Chas Suffren memorial event at Burrumbeet on Saturday.

His time of 20 minutes 30 seconds was the fastest in five years for the 6.4km course.

The Eureka Athletic Club member was never headed.

YCW’s Jamie Huggett was second, with Nic VanRaaphorst (YCW) third.

Davies stamped his mark early, setting up a commanding lead.

Courtney Scott (Eureka) claimed the open women’s title for a fourth successive year. 

She ran alongside under-14 favourite Nicholas Fidler (Wendouree) who crossed the line first in the 3km event.

Scott’s 10:58 was a new personal best at Burrumbeet.

Angela Williams and Louise Wood filled the minor placings

YCW’s Robert Ellis made a welcome return to racing with a fast 23:11 to take out the men’s 40-plus years race ahead of Ballarat Harriers’ Paul Burge to continue a rivalry which stretched back more than 20 years.

Harriers had a convincing win in the men’s 50-plus event with Alistair Ham and Matthew Gibney first and third respective. 



Open men: Jack Davies (Eureka) 20:30, Jamie Huggett (YCW) 20:53, Nic Van Raaphorst (YCW) 20:05

40-plus men: Robert Ellis (YCW) 23:11, Paul Burge (Harriers) 23:32, Andrew Lang (YCW) 24:45

50-plus men: Alistair Ham (Harriers) 24:36, Andrew Wood (YCW) 26:25, Matthew Gibney (Harriers) 26:27

Under-20 men: Jack Davies 20:30, Ryan Norman (Eureka) 22:24, Jacob Willowhite (YCW) 31:56

Under-18 men: Jack Birmingham (Eureka) 24:00, Samual Parkinson (YCW invitation) 25:52 

Under-16 men: Sam Williams (Wendouree) 24:28, Josh Huggett (YCW) 26:20, Yual Reath (YCW) 28:10 


Under-14 men: Nicholas Fidler (Wendouree) 10:53, Justin Bleicher (Wendouree) 11:57, Ben Stevens (invitation) 12:18

Open women: Courtney Scott (Eureka) 10:58, Angela Williams (Wendouree) 11:11, Louise Wood (YCW) 11:36 

40-plus: Angela Williams (Wendouree) 11:11, Rachel Gibney (Harriers) 11:41, Sue Huggett (YCW invitation) 13:38 

Under-20 women: Courtney Scott 10:58, Louise Wood 11:36

Under-18 women: Alyssa Bitnelli (Wendouree)

Under-16: Amy Canavan (Eureka) 12:03, Kate Macaulay (Wendouree invitation) 13:34, Matilda Hill (YCW) 13:46, Macey Ludeman (YCW) 14:03


Under-12 boys: Kade McKay (Wendouree invitation) 6:31, Jack Diamond (YCW invitation) 6:38, Ruon Reath (YCW invitation) 6:41

Under-12 girls: Nicola Macaulay (Wendouree invitation) 6:57, Mia Lepair (YCW) 7:03, Evie Caldow (YCW invitation) 7:19 


Division 1 men: YCW 39, 2 Eureka 83, Harriers 101, Wendouree 157

Division 2 men: YCW 119

40-plus men: Harriers 12, Wendouree 24

50-plus men: Harriers 9, Eureka 18

Under-14 men: Wendouree 8

Under-12 men: YCW 10, Wendouree 17

Division 1 women: YCW 38, Wendouree 41

Division 2 women: YCW 53

Under-14 women: YCW 12