15 years on, Belinda Williams' family holds hope for answers

IT IS 15 years today since murdered Buninyong woman Belinda Williams disappeared from her home. 

Buninyong woman Belinda Williams disappeared from her home 15 years ago today.

Buninyong woman Belinda Williams disappeared from her home 15 years ago today.

A $500,000 reward still remains for anyone who can provide information that will end one of Ballarat’s longest-standing murder mysteries.

Police are still at a loss to explain who killed the single mother of one in late June, 1999. 

Ms Williams, 36 at the time, had said goodbye to two girlfriends before they left her home about 9.30pm on June 25, 1999. 

Police believed she went to bed after reading to her six-year-old daughter. 

That would be the last time her daughter, now 21, saw her mother.

Ms Williams’ body was discovered by bushwalkers on the Mt Buninyong Access Road two weeks later on July 9.

Ms Williams’ heartbroken family, including her mother Shirley Macey, need answers and believe someone must know what happened to the loveable young mother. 

“Every day since that day she was found in 1999 has been nothing but heartache, anguish and pain,” Ms Macey said. 

“It just gets harder and harder to deal with. Each year we think ‘this will be the year, someone will come forward’ ... but nothing.”

Ms Macey said there was no doubt someone knows what happened to her daughter. 

“Someone knows and they need to say something,” she said. 

“This has been a life sentence for us and someone needs to pay for what they did to our daughter.

“These years should have been some of the best, instead they have been the utmost worst.”

The Department of Public Prosecutions will consider granting indemnification from prosecution to any person who provides information as to the identity of the principal offender or offenders.

Anyone with information about the murder of Belinda Williams can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.