Beer brewers gather to further their knowledge at Federation University

BEER lovers from around the nation have gathered in Ballarat to further their knowledge of the much-loved brew. 

Aaron Mynard and Dr Pete Aldred down a few beers at the end of a day of classes.

Aaron Mynard and Dr Pete Aldred down a few beers at the end of a day of classes.

Federation University Australia is running an intensive, week-long course on brewery, concluding on Friday. 

Program co-ordinator Dr Pete Aldred said the course had been running for more than 20 years, and he had been involved for 15 years. 

He said the course hadn’t changed too much over the years, but information and guest speakers were constantly being rotated. 

Dr Aldred said usually 10 to 15 per cent of the course’s students were female, but this year all of the 19 students were male. 

Jamie Brogan, of Brisbane, travelled to Ballarat for the week to participate in the course.

“I’ve always been a keen brewer and was interested in learning more,” Mr Brogan said. 

Mr Brogan, a mental health research, said he was testing the waters and considering a career change to the industry.

“I was already very interested, but the course has peaked my interest further,” he said.

He said he had learnt a lot of the chemistry and biology of brewing and enjoyed the sensory evaluation sessions, which involve tasting different beers.

Dr Aldred said they packed as much as they could into the week, with the final day involving visiting bigger breweries in Melbourne.

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