FROM THE PRESS BOX: Zap! It's Laserforce time

Ballarat Indoor Go-Karts and Laserforce's Liam Claridge
Ballarat Indoor Go-Karts and Laserforce's Liam Claridge

ZAP you rivals before they get you.

Laserforce is like a living arcade game, complete with hidden targets throughout the playing arena.

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While not a traditional sport, this is very much like a modern version of chasey - or tiggy, depending on which schoolyard you hail from - but with laser beams in a maze.

And in the dark with a thumping sound track and laser light show.

Best advice? Be careful on the corners.

No where is really safe.

Popular with all ages, Star Wars enthusiasts, birthday parties and for work-place team bonding, this is sport but not as you might know it.

Ready to enter the zone? Check out laserforce in this latest episode of From the Press Box with Melanie Whelan, the weekly online video taking you behind the scenes in Ballarat sport.

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