BFNL grand final day – LIVE BLOG




FULL TIME: Bacchus Marsh 13.21 (99) d Sunbury 5.14 (44)

Daniel Burton wins the AFL Vic Country Medal and Jackson Bolton wins best on ground.

Q4, 22 mins: The Cobras faithful are in full voice, with their side 54 points up with just a matter of minutes left.

Q4, 17 mins: The sting has gone out of this one – everyone knows the flag is heading to Maddingley Park.

Q4, 8 mins: Maksymow collects the ball inside forward 50m and snaps another for the Cobras. 51 points in front.

Q4, 7 mins: Tyson Shea converts a set shot, turns to the Bacchus Marsh faithful and celebrates. This is over. Cobras by 45 points.

Q4, 5 mins: Cam Richardson picks up the ball deep in attack and snaps a beauty over his shoulder to take the Cobras to a 39-point lead.

Q4: Here we go – the last quarter of the 2016 BFL grand final.

3QT: Bacchus Marsh 10.15 (75) v Bacchus Marsh 5.13 (43).

The Cobras are on the verge of their first ever BFL premiership.

Just 30 minutes left in this one and Bacchus Marsh is in full control. Can they hold on?

Q3, 27 mins: There we go, finally a goal this quarter! Cam Richardson nails one after missing a number of earlier chances and Bacchus Marsh has one hand on the trophy.

Bacchus Marsh 10.15 (75) v Bacchus Marsh 5.13 (43).

Q3, 24 mins: This is getting ridiculous – still no goals this quarter! Bacchus Marsh by 28 points.

How good was this game of netball! Re-live the last few moments here.

Q3, 18 minutes: Still no goals this quarter, so let's have a look at the action shots so far today. Click the photo below to view them all.

Q3, 14 mins: Droplets of rain are starting to fall. That’s going to make it hard for Sunbury to break stalemate!

Q3, 12 mins: Still no goals this quarter!

Q3, 8 mins: It’s a genuine arm wrestle here, neither side able to hit the scoreboard. 25 points the difference.

Q3, 4 mins: Sunbury are peppering early but can’t convert. Cobras by 24 points.

4PM: We’re getting close to a restart in the senior footy here, with Bacchus Marsh leading by 26 points.

That’s a two goal win to East Point in extra time!

In one of the best netball games you will ever see, the Roos won 54-52.

Watch the netball live here.

The netball is going down to the absolute wire!

Q2, half time: Magin has a shot from a tight angle after the half time siren, but misses. Bacchus Marsh leads by 26 points at the main break.

Bacchus Marsh 9.9 (63) v Sunbury 5.7 (37)

Q2, 31 mins: Josh Guthrie gets a free kick and boots an important major for Sunbury and then Alik Magin kicks one himself. The Lions are back to 27 point down.

Q2, 24 mins: A downfield free kick to Bacchus Marsh and Maksymow nails it from 50.

Bacchus Marsh 9.9 (63) v Sunbury 3.6 (24)


Q2, 16 mins: Sunbury has squared the ledger in general play but hasn’t made a dent in the margin.

Cobras by 33 points.

Who is at the game today? Check out our crowd photoshere.

The netball is tied up in the last quarter. 34-34.

Q2, 10 mins: Matt Denham dances, weaves and snaps a beauty from the pocket for the Cobras. They are absolutely dominating!

Bacchus Marsh 8.6 (54) v Sunbury 3.5 (23).

North City are starting to get on top in the netball.

Q2, 6 mins: And now Cupido joins the party!! The Cobras are out by 26 points here. Sunbury need a goal and they need one now.

His message clearly worked!

Q2, 4 mins: The Marsh out to a 20-point lead after a goal from Coulton.

Q2, 3 mins: Rhys McNay makes up for his teammates error with a good set shot from the pocket.

Bacchus Marsh 5.6 (36) v Sunbury 3.4 (22).

Here’s Rick Horwood’s quarter time address.

Q2, 2 mins: Cam Richardson takes an absolute beauty of a mark and misses from the goalsquare! An absolute soda.

QT: And that’s quarter time – what a cracking start to the match. 

Bacchus Marsh jumped out the gates, Sunbury wrestled back the momentum, before the Cobras steadied again.

Score: Bacchus Marsh 4.4 (28) v Sunbury 3.4 (22)

Netball update:

Q1, 28 mins: Burgess misses a straight-forward one for Sunbury.

Q1, 26 mins: A costly turnover in the middle of the ground ends up in Maksymo’s hands who makes the Lions pay. He’s in the mix of everything here!

Bacchus Marsh by five points.

Q1, 23 mins: Declan Phyland marks and converts a great set shot from the wrong side for a left footer. Great goal!.

That’s his second goal.

Bacchus Marsh 3.2 (20) v Sunbury 3.3 (21).

Q1, 14 mins: Stupid free kick given away by Maksymo in front of goal. He’s got Duhau high off the ball and the Sunbury skipper nails the goal.

Bacchus Marsh 2.1 (13) v Sunbury 3.1 (19).

Q1, 12 mins: Tom Donoghue dobs one for the Lions and they’ve hit the lead for the first time. Sunbury up by one point.

Q1, 9 mins: Jesse Flannery gets a free kick in front of goal. It looked ugly off the boot but it’s gone through the middle. Goal to Sunbury.

Bacchus Marsh 2.0 (12) v Sunbury 1.0 (6)


Meanwhile, at the netball.

Q1, 5 mins: Declan Phyland shrugs off a couple of tackles and runs into an open goal! The Cobras 2.0 (12) lead Sunbury 0.0 (0).

Q1, 2 mins: Jarrah Maksymow bombs one from 50m after receiving a free kick! Bacchus Marsh draws first blood.

2.30PM: And we’re away!

2.28PM: We are just moments away now! We will be bringing you every moment as it happens.

2.17PM: Both senior footy sides are now out on the ground. 

There’s no doubting who the crowd are behind – there was a much louder roar for Bacchus Marsh.

Here’s the Cobras running out.

2.15PM: That’s another flag for Sunbury!

And didn’t they love it!

2.12PM: Bacchus Marsh will go in as named today – no late changes. You can view their team profile here.

Sunbury has the once change, with Trent Stead coming in for David Kovacevic. You can view their team profile here.

2.10PM: They loved this moment, the East Point boys!

It took a while to get in the rooms, but the song was finally sung!

FT: That’s it! East Point have knocked off Redan in the reserves grand final, ending a run of four straight flags for the maroon and gold.

Final score: East Point 16.11 (107) lead Redan 10.6 (66).

Q4, 16 mins: Sam Cooper with another for East – they are waltzing this in.

Q4, 14 mins: East Point are surely home now! Angus Wright slots on from 50m for the Roos.

Score: East Point 15.9 (99) lead Redan 10.6 (66)

Q4, 10 mins: Luke Faull takes a strong mark and goals. The Roos now lead by 26 points and almost appear home.

Q4, 8 mins: East Point kick another goal and are looking the goods here.

East Point 13. 8 (86) lead Redan 10.6 (66).

CONFIRMED: Sunbury ruckman David Kovacevic is out the senior grand final. Trent Stead is his replacement. That is going to hurt the Lions.

Kovacevic told The Courier he was shattered to miss the grand final. He had surgery on Monday for his finger injury.

Q4, 5 mins: East Point with all the play here, leading by 13 points.

Q4, 1 min: Chris Banwell slots the important first goal for East Point. Two goals the difference.

1.10PM: It’s three quarter time in the reserves and we have an absolute belter on our hands.

East Point 11.6 (72) lead Redan 10. 6 (66).

Stay with us on our live coverage, we will be bringing you the last quarter in great detail.

12.50PM: And that’s another netball match that has been decided by three points. That’s all three of them so far today!

Sunbury came away with the C-grade flag, beating Ballarat 33-30.

12.35PM: The C-grade netball is getting tight!

12.30PM: We have some breaking news here!

Sunbury’s ruckman David Kovacevic could be a late withdrawal. Read the story here.

12.28PM: We have a cracking game here in the twos! Redan 7.3 (45) trail East Point 10.2 (62).

12.20PM: East Point are starting to take control here in the second term.

East Point 9.2 (56) lead Redan 6.2 (38).

11.58AM: And that’s quarter time. Redan 5.1 (31) lead East Point 4.0 (24).

11.53AM: We’ve got an absolutely cracking start to the reserves here. With the first quarter still going, we’ve got Redan 4.1 (25) leading East Point 4.0 (24).

11.40AM: And we’ve got our second netball result in and North Ballarat City have got up in the D-grade.

The result: North City 24 d Ballarat 21.

11.30AM: With the reserves about to get under way, let’s have a look at what to expect.

Redan will go in as hot favourites in search of a remarkable fifth consecutive premiership.

Can they go all the way? 

Here is our preview story.

11.20AM: Joe Dodd wins the AFL Victoria country medal and Liam Fitzpatrick claims the best on ground medal.

11.15AM: East Point has gone back-to-back in the under-18.5s!

Final score: East Point 12.7 (79) defeated North Ballarat City 6.7 (43).

10.45AM: And that’s three quarter time in the under 18.5s. East Point 10.4 (64) lead North Ballarat City 5.5 (35).

10.40AM: How are the senior teams lining up today? Click on the photos to see each team’s player profiles.




We have our first premiers for the day in the 19/under netball!

Redan 36 defeated Ballarat 33 in extra time in a genuine thriller.


HT: East Point in control – leading by 23 points after big second quarter – 7.2 to 3.3

QT: East Point 2.2 v North Ballarat City 0.1

Determined to make hay while Sunbury shines

Phyland brothers chasing Bacchus Marsh history

Sunbury player profiles

Bacchus Marsh player profiles

East Point faces North Ballarat City in A grade netball grand final


Seniors:  Bacchus Marsh v Sunbury – 2:30pm

Reserves: Redan v East Point – 11:20am

Under-18.5:  East Point v North Ballarat City – 9:20am


A Grade: East Point v North Ballarat City – 2:15pm

B Grade:Sunbury v Lake Wendouree – 12:45pm

C Grade: Sunbury v Ballarat – 11:30am

D Grade: North Ballarat City v Ballarat – 10:15am

19/Under: Redan v Ballarat – 9am