Police placed in growth areas

Police will be placed in growth areas.

Police will be placed in growth areas.

The state government will support Victoria Police’s Chief Commissioner in developing a new model to allocate additional police when and where they are needed.

It is unclear how many of the 1000 new police, protective services officer and custody officers training at the police academy over the next 12 months will be deployed to Ballarat, which the union claimed was under-resourced. This has been refuted by operational police.

Police Minister Lisa Neville confirmed the government remains committed to delivering additional front line police, including 406 new officers funded in the last budget. 

“As we have promised, we will give Victoria Police the resources and the powers it needs to fight crime and keep Victorians safe,” Ms Neville said. 

“This will ensure that these resources go to where they are most needed, including our growth corridors.  Government is already involved in these discussions.”

The Police Custody Officer program has been fast-tracked a spokesperson said.