Letters to the Editor

A future league system must keep hope alive

Great to see Eddy Comelli coming up with a proposal for the CHFL.

Whilst it has a lot of merit and would be a far better fixture than what we already have in place . I feel that it still wont solve the gap between the top clubs and the bottom clubs with everyone still vying for the one premiership. The bottom clubs realistically still have very little hope, and to me, that is the key ingredient for improvement. Once the hope is gone , so is the enthusiasm.

I feel that a better option would be to separate the league with an east division and a west division with possibly nine teams in each division or a 10/8 scenario . The Maryborough district league currently has 14 teams in it and it might be possible or even attractive for two clubs within this league to join up with the Central Highlands and perhaps have 10 teams in each division with 12 remaining in the Maryborough league . With both divisions playing off for a premiership

To me that would narrow the gap enormously and give the struggling clubs hope.

Both Beaufort and Waubra are the two clubs in the Western part of the league that just competed in the final series and some might say that they would be too strong for the remaining clubs in the western region . But history has shown that time does level clubs out and I have no doubt that the lower clubs with renewed hope in a competition in which they feel that they can be competitive, will in a very short time catch up . This would leave two even divisions in which clubs can play each other twice playing for two premierships.

Having travelled to all these small towns that are struggling to compete, it is so obvious that they all have great facilities and spirit. You can tell that a lot of work and love has been put into establishing there footy team . It is tremendously important to them and everyone else that they do survive.

I feel that unless action along these lines are taken within the next few years, they won't survive and to me that would be a tragedy.

Shane Murphy, Dunnstown

Give Burrumbeet a chance

Now that the rains have come and water looks secure for an extended period of time, I would hope the Ballarat Shire, Council and Department Of Sustainability will work together and look towards the future, and plan for the longevity of Lake Burrumbeet.

After the last drought was broken, this area was being used for all types of recreational activities so it was a disgrace to see the foreshores not being maintained, minimal toilet facilities, water being pumped out for road works plus so-called environmental flows depleting the water levels. Also, piles of rubbish left by thoughtless individuals who were inconsiderate of others and the environment, were often seen scattered along the foreshore.

If nothing else, controlling bodies should learn from their past mistakes and now begin to plan and implement strategies to establish this lake again as a tourist attraction offering skiing, fishing, swimming and camping and nature walks, with a clear emphasis on positive community outcomes.

Gavin Allitt, Wendouree

LIstening now?

A petition opposing the saleyards has collected close to 1000 signatures with 95% from Miners Rest. The last petition totalled nearly 1800 signatures.  It was said, "they aren't all Miners Rest residents, so the number is irrelevant".  The proposed yards are now much bigger than we were told 12 months ago. The run-off into the creek has increased by six times, and none of this has been communicated to the community. Instead, we found out via the EPA. If the community is telling you we don't want the saleyards, if you don't have full agents' support,  isn’t it is about time our council start listening to the people who are directly affected.

Alicia Bond, Miners Rest

CONTROVERSIAL: Eddy Comelli's idea to split the CHFL into two leagues has produced strong opinions because some teams struggle so much.

CONTROVERSIAL: Eddy Comelli's idea to split the CHFL into two leagues has produced strong opinions because some teams struggle so much.