UPDATE: Ballarat severe weather warning cancelled

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WEDNESDAY, 7AM: The forecast deluge of rain and flash flooding equated to nothing overnight.

With heavy rains previously expected to hit Ballarat from around midnight onwards, we avoided any such weather event and remained perfectly dry.

The Bureau of Meteorology cancelled its severe weather warning for much of the state about 4.30am today, although the northern parts of Victoria could still be hit.

We could still be in for some light showers throughout the day, with a forecast top of 11 degrees forecast.

TUESDAY, 5PM: Ballarat may be in for another drenching as a low-pressure system moving across from South Australia deepens and draws rain from the north.

Senior forecaster with the Bureau of Meteorology Chris Godfred says the fine weather Ballarat experienced on Tuesday will change and heavier rain will extend into the state, reaching Ballarat around midnight and into today.

Rain totals of between 20mm and 40mm are predicted.

Thunderstorms are also forecast, with possible localised falls of 50mm to 70 mm.

The bureau warns flash flooding may occur in regions including the North-Central and Central, which takes in Ballarat.

Recent rain has filled catchments in the region, with many at 100 per cent or above.

At 4.30pm Tuesday, of the Central Highlands Water reservoirs serving Ballarat exclusively only Pincotts, Kirks and Moorabool reservoirs were less than 100 per cent full. The shared Lal Lal reservoir was at 90 per cent.

The volume of available water has increased by almost 10,000 megalitres in one week.

TUESDAY, 11AM: The heavy rain that is expected to sweep across the state today could be even heavier than expected.

The Bureau of Meteorology has upgraded its severe weather warning, with more rain expected to fall than the initial warning at 5am today.

It is now expected 20-40mm will fall in areas within the warning zone, with up to 70mm falling in areas hit by thunderstorms.

The rain is not expected to hit Ballarat until around midnight.

The update at 10.53am.

The update at 10.53am.

TUESDAY, 8AM: Ballarat looks set for another lashing of heavy rain tonight, with people in the area urged to once again be on alert for flooding.

Despite the sunny conditions this morning, the Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning for much of western Victoria, including Ballarat.

It warns there could be up to 50mm of rain falling in some places, although most areas in the warning region can expected between 15mm and 30mm.

The warning area.

The warning area.

It is not expected the rain will hit Ballarat until at least midnight tonight, or into the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Last week, Skipton, Creswick and Clunes all narrowly avoided flooding, although parts of the towns were under water.

Ballarat has already had 140.2mm of rain in September, with just a further 22mm required to make it the wettest September in history.

The State Emergency Service advises that people should: 

  • * Don't walk, ride or drive through flood water; 
  • * Keep clear of creeks and storm drains; 
  • * Be aware that in fire affected areas, rainfall run-off into waterways may contain debris such as ash, soil, trees and rocks; 
  • * Be alert that in areas recently affected by fires, heavy rainfall increases the potential for landslides and debris across roads;