Major crossing plan as part of Murray Basin rail works

A rail crossing in Ballarat.

A rail crossing in Ballarat.

Works to re-open the Maryborough to Ararat rail line will require treatments to more than 50 road crossings and access points.

The state government has confirmed that stage two construction of the Murray Basin Rail Project will require a range of treatments and potential closures to dozens of roads intersecting the line, which has been defunct for more than 15 years.

The state government is only in early talks with local councils to establish key priorities, but it’s understood that the Pyrenees Highway crossing is set for a major upgrade.

A second tier of crossings will also be addressed as well as informal access points on private land often used by cattle.

Determining the type of road and whether or not it will be closed will be central to the process.

The state government is yet to formally identify the roll out of the treatments.

Stage two works will see an increase of axle loading on lines from 19 to 21 tonnes to accommodate heavier loads.