Fire truck bogged while responding to burning abandoned car

A fire truck responding to a suspicious car fire was bogged in a mud track in Sebastopol yesterday.

Firefighters at the scene said Sebastopol Brigade was responding to reports of a car fire just after 3.30pm.

The truck became bogged while travelling down an unnamed mud truck filled with potholes and muddy grass. 

A Ballarat City fire truck was nearly at the scene when the Sebastopol truck became bogged. Ballarat City firefighters responded to the car fire while Sebastopol Brigade members evacuated their truck. 

The severely damaged car remained alight by 4.20pm, with huge plumes of smoke billowing from the vehicle.

Firefighters are continuing to observe and contain the fire. The car was partially submerged in a large puddle. 

No one was injured.

Police were at the scene.