Ballarat man thought he would die when attacked in Melbourne car park

In a dark, isolated Melbourne street a Ballarat man was read out the names of his children and told “if you call the cops, they will be killed” by armed offenders, he claims. 

Phillip (not his real name) believed he was going to die and was frightened for the safety of his family.

He said he has had multiple scans after he was punched in the face in a South Yarra street early on Sunday morning. He has chosen to speak out about his ordeal to warn others that they should not take their safety for granted. 

A police media spokeswoman confirmed a 32-year-old man Ballarat man was walking down Milswyn, South Yarra Street at 1.30am on Sunday when he was approached by two men. 

“They made threats and demanded his phone, wallets and cards,” she said.

“The man was assaulted and sustained minor injuries. It is being investigated by Embona Taskforce.” 

Phillip said he was visiting a friend in Melbourne and made a 700 metre walk to his car when he was confronted.

“I had gone back to get clothes when I saw them walking towards me,” Phillip said.

“They were well dressed and it was a relatively nice area and a quiet street so I thought it would be fine.

“I then heard footsteps behind me and a hand on my shoulder and they demanded my phone and wallet which had $50 in it.” 

Phillip said the next few minutes were even more terrifying.

“They hit, punched and headed butted me. They kept asking for my phone but I wouldn’t give it to them. It had photos from my youngest daughter’s birthday party,” Phillip said.

Phillips claims the offenders then pulled his medicare card out of his wallet and read his children’s name out.

“They read my kid’s name out and said they knew where I lived and if I called the police they would hurt me and my family,” Phillip said.

They read my kid's name out and said they knew where I lived. - Phillip

Phillip has called for greater surveillance and lighting in residential streets. He is receiving treatment for a face fracture. He hopes his attackers will be brought to justice.