Olympic Handball hits the target

Handball’s one of those funny European sports that most Aussies wouldn’t know existed if it didn’t pop up occasionally on TV during the Olympics.Today I was lucky enough to watch the Hungarian women take on Brazil in what turned out to be a cracker.Most of you would be familiar with the playground phrase, “you throw like a girl”, as a veteran of seven dislocated shoulders I would love to be able to throw like these chicks.Brazil looked set to upset Hungary, thanks mainly to the 10 goals scored by Eduarda Amorim, until they gave away a free with just one second remaining on the clock, Brasil up 28-27.Hungary’s Zsuzsanna Tomori calmly slotted it away to end the absorbing encounter all square.A commentator described Hungarian Anita Gorbicz as the “pin-up” of the sport, combining super-model looks with all the skills of the game.At one stage she dove full-length towards the goals and let rip a massive leg-break which spun past a diving goalie. I imagine Warney sent her a text message of approval afterwards.The number of times the chicks clothes-lined each other should also have the punters salivating, and no game is complete without mad goalies who seem to love getting hit in the face by the ball.Blogging of faces, has anyone else seen the Darth Vader masks that hockey players are wearing these days? I mean, I’ve always wanted to be a Jedi as well but I think that’s taking it a little too far. After an arvo on the couch, it was time to head out for a run, where I imagined myself to be Ballarat’s own Steve Moneghetti running the streets of Victoria, Canada, at the 94 Commonwealth Games on my way to gold.Happy now Comrade Broat?