165,000 trout to be put in Lake Wendouree

LAKE Wendouree could soon be stocked with 165,000 baby trout.Geoff Cramer, chairman of Victoria's peak recreational fishing organisation VR Fish, said the fish would take at least 12 months to reach "pan" size. Mr Cramer said the Department of Primary Industries was seeking feedback from local anglers, including the Ballarat and District Anglers' Association, as well as the City of Ballarat."We've been offered to stock with fry (smaller fish, about three to four months old) or to stock with yearlings (larger fish) at a smaller number," Mr Cramer, a resident of Ballarat, said."Because the lake has no predators, we may get better value by stocking with fry." Mr Cramer said the lake was teaming with natural fish food such as water fleas and scuds, but current dredging for the rowing course may be a factor in water quality.But the City of Ballarat had guaranteed the quality of the water entering the lake over the summer period, as well as the level.A decision is likely to be made this week, with the lake set to benefit from 165,000 fry which would bring back many of the estimated 20,000 local and district anglers. Mr Cramer said there were 720,000 recreational fishers across Victoria, with a lot of money leaving Ballarat as anglers went elsewhere when the lake dried up.