Higher income in central Ballarat

RESIDENTS living in the centre of Ballarat earn more than their outer suburban counterparts.A recent report found Ballarat central residents had a higher average income than those in the surrounding areas.As a whole, Ballarat's average income was greater than the regional Victorian average, but significantly less than Melbourne's.The Ballarat local government area recorded an average income of $37,568.Figures released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed, on average, Ballarat central residents earned $38,850 per year. People who hail from Ballarat south — which extends to Buninyong — earn the least amount at an average of $36,369.The data released was collated during the 2007-08 financial year.At the lower end of the scale, those who lived in Maryborough earned the third lowest average of the state, recording $28,064.The data accounts for income from wages and salaries, own unincorporated business, investment, and superannuation and annuities. It does not include government pensions and allowances.Ballarat north — which extends past Learmonth — and Ballarat inner north, recorded $37,718 and $37,088 respectively.Some Melbourne suburbs, such as Toorak and Prahan and Armadale, more than doubled Ballarat's average, recording above $82,000 per year.Melbourne's overall average was $46,187.Although Ballarat was significantly down on Melbourne, it was still higher than the regional Victorian average.The regional average was recorded at $36,556, more than $1000 lower than Ballarat.More detailed figures are expected to be released on October 6.They will breakdown the statistics into age, gender, occupation and various categories.AVERAGE INCOME FOR THE 2007/2008 FINANCIAL YEARBallarat Central: $38,850Ballarat South (extends to Buninyong): $36,359Ballarat North (Between Learmonth and Ascot): $36,718Ballarat Inner North (extends to Bald Hills): $37,088Victoria: $43,704Regional Victoria: $36,556Melbourne: $46,187Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics