Phoenix turn up the heat in A grade women's basketball

Phoenix have secured their position on top of the ladder in the A grade women’s basketball competition, after a hard-fought victory over the second-placed Celtic Tigers Green. 

Phoenix started defensively strong, shutting down the Celtic scorers and creating turnovers. 

Andrea McMahon helped gain a quick lead, driving to the ring and some early assists which led to an eight-point lead 10 minutes into the game. 

Emma Reus kept the score ticking over for Celtic, but Phoenix maintained an eight-point lead heading into the break. 

Lauren Conroy had seven points for Phoenix and Andrea McMahon had six. 

Phoenix turned up the intensity in the second half, extending their lead to 13 with Madison Sharp able to hit two big shots. 

Prue Scott and Emma Reus tried to spark a Celtic comeback, Reus putting up some quick points and Scott driving to the ring to score to cut the lead down to eight.

But Phoenix managed to hold on and won by 11. 

Lauren Conroy and Andrea McMahon both scored 13 points for Phoenix and Tahni Nestor had 13 for Celtic.

Other results included Exies Acmy defeated Saints 52-45, and Celtic Tigers Red defeated Wildcats 47-26.