No need for smart meter in my house

I find Mark Travill's letter (The Courier, November 9) a little bit, well, what is the word - wish I could think of one?

Independent testing, now, there are two words I can relate to. Take insulation batts, for example, another two words I can relate to. "Downright dangerous" are another two words for good measure.

As one knows, power usage is based on observation, all you have to do is read your current meter, read your account regarding cost times and costed rates at different times of the day, and then use your power wisely.

As for a website dedicated to mechanical devices, fact sheets and independent reports, well, where will it all end?

The Department of Primary Industry (DPI) will tell us all, blank, the lines they wish us to hear.

I've heard contrary statements to theirs, so the debate shall continue for some time.

So, one who has coped without "smart meters" for over 40 years, I do not wish to start now.

Finally, Mark, like many others in Ballarat and surrounding areas, I do not wish to have one thrust upon me.

This little abode does not need one.




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