Find a better way to affordable housing

I REFER to recent comments made by Anthony Schinck, CEO Ballarat City Council, in The Courier.

There are many folk who would agree as I do that there is a desperate need for affordable housing for low-to-medium income earners in Ballarat.

However they would also draw the same conclusion that the proposed development for 12A Hickman Street may be medium-density and low-rise in a capital city but in Ballarat might be regarded as high-rise and high-density.

Also, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the building model proposed for 12A Hickman Street would have significant negative health and social consequences for the intended tenants and the City of Ballarat compared to the benefits.

The model proposed for 12A Hickman Street is designed for its cheapness and it would be shameful for the City of Ballarat to approve this development.

There are numerous organisations and individuals dedicated to providing the very best affordable housing and rental accommodation in Ballarat and around Australia.

I suggest, sir, you do the same. There has to be a better way.


Bakery Hill


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