BMS finishes ahead in division one nail-biter

BMS had a one shot victory over Learmonth in the division one bowls weekend pennant. 

Chairman of selectors and skipper for BMS Des Williams said it all came down to the last rink before the winner was decided 99 to 98. 

“The head was changing all the time,” Williams said. 

“Everybody was standing around in the last end, including teams from other divisions.

“Learmonth had the last bowl, but luckily for us they were unable to convert.”

Although there was a tight finish, BMS gained an early lead.

At half-time, BMS was eight shots up, which grew to around 15 shots before Learmonth quickly made up lost ground. 

Learmonth skipper Gordon (Tiger) Powell said he was very happy with the team’s performance in the second half. 

“We had our chances to get over the line, but we weren’t able to make it,” Powell said. 

“It took us a long time to adjust to the carpet ... It was Mick Casey’s rink who kept us in the game.” 

Casey’s rink was the only Learmonth rink to have a victory, with a 35 to 19 finish over Jeff Ryan’s rink. 

BMS had much tighter victories, with Des Williams’ rink finishing two shots up against David Pike, 25 5o 23, and David Schreenan’s rink beating Tiger Powell 25 to 20. BMS’ Phil Clamp was able to secure a win 10 shots up, 30 to 20 against Bill Shillito. 

Ballarat moved into the top spot on the ladder after beating Buninyong at Buninyong, 90 shots to 103. Buninyong has held its fourth position.

Victoria secured its second win for the season against Webbcona, with the two sides now on two wins for the season and sitting in positions nine and 10 on the ladder. Victoria finished 21 shots up 106 to 85 in its win, which keeps them in the mix on the ladder. 

Ballarat East climbed from eighth to sixth on the ladder after beating City Oval, 97 to 83. 

Smeaton pulled Mt Xavier from their number one position, beating them by a narrow three shots, 83 to 80. With their win, Smeaton also jumped two places on the ladder, claiming fifth, knocking on the door of the top four. 

LADDER: BALLARAT 100 points, 6 wins; MT. XAVIER 96, 6; BMS 92, 5; BUNINYONG 74, 4; Smeaton 67, 4; Ballarat East 67, 3; Learmonth 66, 3; City Oval 63, 3; Webbcona 52, 2; Victoria 43, 2.

Neil Innes (Buninyong) and Wayne Fitzgerald (Ballarat) watch as a ball goes wide in division one of the weekend pennant round eight.

Neil Innes (Buninyong) and Wayne Fitzgerald (Ballarat) watch as a ball goes wide in division one of the weekend pennant round eight.


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