Getting fit is easy, no matter your age.

Reaching your 80th birthday is something of a milestone and I guess most people sit down and wait for the end but you don't have to>

I reached 80 years of age and I was obese.  I had a number of ailments which interfered with my mobility ad breathing and I didn't want to die for a while.  So I gave it some thought.  I remembered an eating plan that I heard from a radio doctor way before TV dominated our lives.  For those interested here goes.  First and foremost you don't give up anything that you like to eat.  The trick is you have only half serves.  begin by serving your normal food on a normal size plate, then scrape half of each item into the garbage bin.  When you see that smaller amount of food on that big plate, you eat it slowly and relish every bite.  Now we come to exercise.  This can be difficult for many octogenarians.  First exercise is cumulative so if you walk for five minutes six times a day you have achieved 30 minutes exercise.  I have to use a three wheeled walker and I began by walking for five minutes at a time up and down the house drive.  I hen graduated to walking a few house lengths along the street.  Incentive is very important so I cancelled my daily newspaper delivery and had to choose between walking to the newsagent (with the walker) or going without the daily news.  I don't think there is anybody who has not heard of the Wii contraption, that I thought was a children's play station of some kine.  I was wrong and when I received one for Christmas I discovered  that it had an adult exercise CD as well as a games CD.  If you want to try your hand at cricket, bowls, even tennis, it is for you.

So what did I achieve in 12 months?  I lost  25 kg in weight and kept if all for three years.  I can walk for half an hour without a problem; the doctor has reduced my education and my breathing has improved.  And it all started with a five minute walk up and down the drive.

June Ingleby



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