Action needed to get rid of gorse menace

In regard to Peter Everist's letter of November 26, I wish to make several points.

I agree that gorse does present a fire risk and that landholders are responsible for controlling gorse on their land.

However there is, I feel an anomaly in this statement.

Previously landholders were responsible for gorse control from the centre point on the road formation to their boundary, however these rules have changed and that is no longer applicable.

My point is that landholders who control gorse on their properties now have to put up with bureaucrats arguing as to whose responsibility the road reserve is?

This matter needs addressing urgently as gorse spreads through fences.

Furthermore it is interesting that signs on road reserves stating they are Gorse Control Areas are almost obliterated by large infestations of gorse on these road reserves.

Ballarat City Councils, along with other councils, as well as Environment and Sustainability must also become proactive with the eradication of this pest.

Working together with landholders is more of an incentive than fines and fire prevention notices.




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