Abbott losing the moral high ground

The more Mr Abbott rabbits on about Ms Gillard's alleged involvement in a union slush fund the more vulnerable his own shallow and implied claims to any moral high ground become.

If my memory serves me well, both he and his current megaphone, Julie Bishop, were vocal and vehement advocates of fraudulent claims concerning Iraq's possession of WMDs; subsequently proven as blatant and deliberate lies knowingly inflicted upon the electorate, courtesy of their then government's predilection for harbouring secrets and deceiving the public.

To lay claim to any morality Abbott and Bishop need to explain some 650,000 dead innocent Iraqis in the context of Gillard's $5000.

To attempt to do so is obscene because on this assumption the life of an Iraqi is worth less than one cent, perhaps 1.5 cents allowing for inflation. Strange priorities indeed, Mr Abbott.

I am all for the PM being cross-examined over her involvement or not in funny money, but if, and only if, Abbott and Bishop face an international court of justice over their involvement in sanctioning Australia's participation in crimes against humanity, the consequences of which will be suffered for generations, unlike a sum of money roughly equivalent to what Abbott is paid per fortnight.

Surely the moral high ground is worth more than a few cents per person?


Lal Lal


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