Woman barred from nightclub after glassing attacks

A WOMAN said she forgot she had a beer glass in her hand when she went to slap a man, and glassed him instead, a court has heard.

Tiffany Holland, 21, left her victim with serious facial injuries following the late-night altercation on the dance floor of the former Bridge Hotel.

Yesterday Holland appeared in Ballarat Magistrates Court where she was barred from Ballarat’s nightclub scene for 12 months.

The Yendon woman pleaded guilty to recklessly causing serious injury, relating to the June 17 altercation.

The court heard the victim was standing with security complaining about one of Holland’s friends when Holland went up to him and punched him in the face with a pot glass.

After receiving a major laceration to his face, the victim walked out the front of the venue, where friends took him to Ballarat Health Services Base Hospital. The cut required six stitches.

Holland later told police the pair had been involved in previous altercations, including one the weekend before.

Defence lawyer Amanda Hurst said her client didn’t mean to glass the victim.

“She says she went to slap him in the face ... and forgot she had the glass in her hand,” Ms Hurst said.

She claimed the victim had tipped a drink on her client in another incident and had previously made rude gestures to one of Holland’s relatives.

She said Holland had also been the victim of a “sustained attack” on Facebook following the glassing.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Steve Kent urged the court to give a sentence that would send a strong message to the community.

“This is a nightclub assault ... it’s all too frequent in Ballarat. It’s all too frequent everywhere,” he said.

“It instils a lack of confidence in the community and to people who want to go out and enjoy nightclubs.”

Magistrate Terry Wilson sentenced Holland to two months in jail, wholly suspended for one year, and fined her $2000. 

He said she was lucky not to receive an immediate prison term.

“Quite clearly ... these sorts of offences are far too prevalent in the community,” Mr Wilson said.

“No amount of provocation in a sense justifies being hit in the face with a glass.”