Fined  for  letting down tyres on ‘stolen’ car 

A MAN decided to let down all four tyres on a car he suspected had been stolen because of “the way it was parked”, a court has heard.

When police told David Brewer, 38, the vehicle was legitimately owned he lashed out, swinging his arm round at an officer.

The Wendouree man appeared in Ballarat Magistrates Court yesterday where he pleaded guilty to charges including tampering with a motor vehicle and resisting police.

The court heard Brewer was seen loitering with a torch on a Wendouree street on June 19, and was aggressive when police approached him.

Brewer claimed a car nearby was stolen, and reacted badly when police checks revealed it wasn’t.

Police then discovered all four tyres of the car had been let down and the petrol cap was open.

Defence lawyer Jacob Torney said his client had actually called police, and had good intentions.

“Clearly there was a misunderstanding, things got out of control,” Mr Torney said.

Magistrate Terry Wilson fined Brewer $400 with conviction.

“If the legitimate owner had come out and found you letting down their tyres then we’ve got World War III on our streets,” he said.

“Letting the tyres down is taking matters too far.”

Ballarat Magistrate Court

Ballarat Magistrate Court