Unnecessary fear over smart meters

I READ with amusement the feature article on smart meters, (December 1), where Wendy McClelland of Dereel expressed her farcical theories on the dangers.

If Wendy is so concerned about microwave radiation, has she banned any mobile phones from her residence and sent her microwave oven to the tip?

She also is afraid that potential burglars will tap into the smart meter signal from the street to determine if she is home.

As an electrical contractor I can reliably say there are very few residences where there is absolutely no power being consumed even when people are absent unless you turn the power off at the main switch.

So how would the nasty men know if she was home or not?

Her suggestion of padlocking the switchboard/meter enclosure is not only silly but also a safety hazard.

If there is an urgent need to quickly switch power off to the residence if you had a serious fault or threat to life, you would have to locate the key before you could get access to the switchboard.

Her assertion that the very small microwave signal that the smart meter uses to communicate to the base station causes high bursts of intense power along the lines is comical, and completely untrue.

The Courier readers should not take literally any of her comments as they have no factual base and only serve to frighten those members of the public who are ignorant in such matters.

Jim Brown

Electrical Engineer, Redan


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