Keep to the facts on smart meters

In the current climate of controversy and hearsay, regarding the smart meter rollout, (The Courier,  December 1) keeping to the facts has never been so important.

Where stated that the "overwhelming majority of feedback has been positive", I would endeavour to say that even those people who have consented to the installation have not given informed consent. That is to say, they are unaware of the present status of research investigating the biological effect of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation.

Saying "health concerns were unfounded", and "the World Health Organisation have concluded they are safe" is false and misleading when on May 31, 2011, WHO classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B).

The Australia Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency actually set standards more than a decade ago and we are far beyond the now acceptable limits.

Saying "negative health impacts are not scientifically proven" neglects to acknowledge the work of American biologist Allan Frey, who discovered in the 1960s that microwave radiation damages the blood-brain barrier.

Another misnomer: there is neither a law that says a customer cannot refuse installation of, nor a law forcing the power companies to install smart meters.

For any such laws to exist must indicate that Victoria is no longer a democracy.

And finally, if we are going to mention the police force, they actually require a court order to install a surveillance device, although it appears the distributors do not.

Susan Stevens-Kelso

Mount Pleasant


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