Regional taxes keep the city coffers full

I AM somewhat amused that after paying this year's home insurance bill, which included a significantly increased Fire Services Tax of $148, plus Goods and Services Tax on that tax of a further $14.80, and in addition a further state government tax on the sum of these two taxes of $16.28, I have just received this years donation envelope from our local volunteer CFA fire brigade to help them keep up their excellent work in servicing and protecting the local community.

So I am guessing that the multiple taxes upon taxes that I have paid to both the state and federal governments have gone into the coffers to pay all the full time firefighters in the cities and metro areas.

Just as I am told to pay extra water supply charges to compensate the city dwellers for their sewerage service and the extra we pay for our electricity as we are out of town a bit.

Some would say that if I don't like it then I should move to town, however we cannot all live in the main population centres, can we?

Perhaps the best I have heard of late is from a couple I spoke to who live in Waubra and paid an extra $80 plus taxes and tsunami levy on this year's insurance bill, presumably because Lake Learmonth is now full after being empty for many years.

In their case, the local volunteer CFA should be looking to raise money for a rescue rubber ducky or at the very least hope that the two events occur in close succession whereby one should negate the other if the timing is right.

As ludicrous as this all sounds, it pales in comparison to the stupidity and cost of the bureaucracy we are living with day by day.

Who is running the circus?

Anthony Cincotta



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