Claims about smart meter fire hazards

IN your article on smart power meters (December 1) Wendy McClelland makes the quite preposterous claim that microwaves from these meters can cause wiring or appliances to catch fire or explode.

Like the many other claims made on her website, this is simply outrageous nonsense and utter balderdash; cartoon physics without the slightest grain of truth or relationship to reality.

The "strong bursts of intense power" exist only in her overheated imagination.

For the record, the transmitter in a smart meter is a half-power cellphone that radiates 0.4 watt for less than 60 seconds a day.

Nobody is getting sick and nothing is catching fire or exploding from this.

It wasn't mentioned in the article that her website advertises very expensive paint which claimed to provide protection against this non-existent fire hazard.

The Courier should undertake some minimal due diligence to avoid being taken in by such self-interested arrant tripe.

Roly Roper



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