Public holiday debate a waste of money

Personally I don't care about what day we have off, although I do agree that the show day holiday is more likely to involve families then the Ballarat Cup or Melbourne Cup.

Any thing that gives families an opportunity to have fun together is a good thing in my book. I also believe that exposing city folk to the activities of our farming cousins is also well worthwhile.

What I am concerned about is that two years ago there was community consolation and it clearly demonstrated a strong preference for the Ballarat Show day. I feel that it is a waste of money to revisit it and that a five-year review would be more beneficial. It seems to me that the Commerce Ballarat appears to be acting like a spoilt child, or should I say a federal opposition leader who doesn't accept the communities view.

Things haven't changed that much in two years. Perhaps Commerce Ballarat could be more proactive and positive by running a dynamic campaign such as "We are open for business in Ballarat" and attract those from other cities who have the Melbourne Cup day off to visit Ballarat and shop.

Two other issues that are worth considering are that Commerce Ballarat are trying to influence a new council and that this council was voted in to stop such wasteful and unnecessary spending.


Lake Wendouree


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