Claims Ballarat North couple stole toys, credit card

A BALLARAT North couple who allegedly stole an elderly man’s credit card while pretending to help him had their bail applications knocked back in Ballarat Magistrates Court yesterday.

The pair is also alleged to have stolen $4860 in toys from Myer Ballarat to sell to order to unknown persons between November 16 and December 16.

Magistrate Michelle Hodgson yesterday refused Robert Bartley and Shelley McBain’s bail applications. 

The court was told the de facto couple went to a hardware store in Sebastopol on October 17 and allegedly stole the credit card.

The court heard they used the card on many occasions around Ballarat, buying items and withdrawing cash to the total value of $2724.

The court also heard the pair stole toys from Myer Ballarat on three occasions, escaping through the store’s Sturt Street entrance each time.

However, defence counsel Mike Wardell said there had been problems with downloading the hardware store’s CCTV footage and the only image of the pair was within proximity of the victim.

“Irrefutable evidence of them stealing the credit card and using it can’t be obtained,” Mr Wardell said.

“Likewise with Myer, we have been unable to see the statements of what my clients are alleged to have done.

“It is questionable how strong the police case is in this matter.”

The pair, aged 41 and 38, were already on bail for an affray in Ballarat North in July as well as other theft charges.