Government to raise driver licence fees

The Baillieu Ryan Government came to power promising to cut the cost of living for Victorian families, but they've done just the opposite.

This year the Baillieu Ryan Government increased the cost of car registration by $35 and increased stamp duty on new cars from 2.5 to 3 per cent.

This increase in fees makes it harder for Victorian families by adding extra costs and pressure to the family budget.

Making life tougher for families and right on Christmas, Mr Baillieu and Treasurer Kim Wells last week announced they would again be ripping money from family budgets.

This Christmas the Baillieu Ryan Government are playing Scrooge by increasing the cost of three- year driver licence fees from $50 to $70 and 10-year driver licence fees from $170 to $240.

It is yet another cash grab from a government that has continually broken its promise to keep the cost of living down for families.


Opposition spokesman for roads


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