Family pet mauled to death: mum jumps into river to rescue dog as son, 9, looks on

A Ballarat family spent Christmas morning burying their pet dog, after it was mauled to death by two un-restrained dogs during a walk on Sunday.

The death prompted a warning from the family for dog owners to be wary of un-restrained dogs around popular walking tracks, parks and public areas.

The fox terrier’s owner, who asked not to be identified, was walking the small dog near Yarrowee River at Magpie with her nine year old son when the attack occurred just after 5pm.

Two unidentified dogs, who the victims have described as “bull-mastiff-type” dogs, approached the little fox terrier and began mauling it as it was playing in the water.

The fox terrier’s owner jumped into the river to try and get the larger dogs to release her pet, but sustained several dog bites to her hands.

The woman had to have a tetanus shot shortly after the ordeal.

She told The Courier that an unidentified man arrived on scene shortly after the dogs attacked and helped move them off her dog, but it was too late.

Her nine year old son watched the entire incident from a distance.

“One of the dogs (which attacked her pet) had a blue collar with an electrical zapper on it,” she said.

“It was horrific – that could have been a child.”

The woman raced her bleeding dog back home then her husband rushed it into the veterinarian.

He said the incident could have been avoided.

“A dog that requires an electric collar just to go for a walk suggests it has a history of getting out of control,” he said.

“Then end result is one dead dog, three devastated kids and an injured wife.”

The woman, who received a puncture wound to her hand and cuts to her legs, said people should always have dogs on a leash in signed areas.

“They need to have their dogs restrained,” he said.

“Luckily this time they did not turn onto my son.”

The incident has been reported to the authorities.

The fox terrier which was mauled to death.

The fox terrier which was mauled to death.


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