Power minister being kept in the dark

Mr Michael O'Brien makes untrue and unlawful statements regarding microwave smart meters on Page 5 of last Thursday's The Courier as he, the Minister for Power here in Victoria, is being wilfully kept in the dark regarding the law and smart meters.

At no time when the Brumby Labour Party Government was in power was any law passed making smart meters compulsory, or under this present Baillieu Victorian Government in both the upper and lower houses of the Victorian parliament.

We are still a democracy where we the people have free choice.  

The World Charter of Human Rights, signed in 1948 in Britain and many countries of the world, as well as the Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006, effectively stops one from being forced to accept a microwave smart meter against one's will and better judgement.

Microwave so-called smart meters are not smart in any way; many are still causing fires in electric meter boxes and damaging peoples' electrical goods; as well as making people sick.



Editor's Note: Victorian Energy and Resources Minister Michael O'Brien has told The Courier having smart meters installed was not a choice and if people refused, they were breaking the law and the agreement they had signed with suppliers, and could risk being cut off from the power grid. 


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