A different perspective on gun ownership

I’d like to add some perspective and food for thought on trying to ban gun ownership.

 Anything is a weapon if a person has the intent and uses it as such. 

I have done a bit of mountaineering and so have a couple of ice axes at home... but these are fine because they are sporting implements – I’d hate to see someone attacked with an ice axe! 

If all these “do-gooders” are so seriously concerned about human life then perhaps they should devote their energy and resources to the real killers in society.

The top killers in Australia – per the ABS – are heart diseases and cancers. Intentional self harm is in there too. No mention of violent crimes. Even traffic-related crimes don’t make it to the top 20. 

If all of the anti-gun people are so concerned about the preservation of life, I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is and focus on the plethora of things that cause much more death in our society. 

Perhaps when you’ve succeeded in banning alcohol, cigarettes, eradicating the flu, hunger, cancer, AIDS, heart disease, traffic related deaths – then you could perhaps focus on guns.




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