Perseus moves to the botanical gardens

Perseus, the statue from Camp Street, has decamped to be re-erected at the Robert Clark Centre.

With his stature he is separated from the harem of lady statues nearby. Viz Susannah, Rebekah, Ruth & Modesty. Strewth.

A damsel's uncovered bust may not be enough to attract him as he has a heart of stone. Also he has put on weight now being two stone heavier. His truly marble statue is between a rock and a hard place.

Poor Perseus faced persecution by the cold chiselling off of his fig leaf. A figment of the imagination covered the variety of past pranksters' work. Perseus was the son of Zeus who was the most supreme Greek god of all.

PS: Female staff members under 21 may be advised not to view his new format - now 100 per cent absolutely complete!




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