Small towns decision convenient for NBN

In reply to the article by Ed Gannon in The Courier on the January 3 regarding the wiping off of Australia's small country towns (through the ABS ruling) of fewer than 200 people.

How convenient this is, because it ties in with NBN plans to only have fibre optic in towns with 1000 residences.

"This week several Coalition parliamentarians issued statements criticising the National Broadband Network Company for what they saw as a change in the company's approach to deploying NBN infrastructure in rural Australia.

In a statement, Shadow Regional Communications Minister Luke Hartsuyker claimed NBN Co had originally planned to deploy fibre to the home in towns with 1000 people, but had recently changed its policy and would now only roll out fibre to towns with 1000 residences.

Liberal MP Joanna Gash also issued her own media release. "Just like the promise of 'no Carbon Tax', Labor has now backtracked on its NBN election pledge, hanging many rural and regional voters out to dry," Gash said.

"It's becoming more and more clear that Labor is now just pandering to its metropolitan constituency at the expense of anyone living in a rural or regional area.

Small towns - ie "non-existent" towns - won't have the privilege of fibre optic. Instead, they will be given a 40-metre tower emanating Electromagnetic Radiation on a 24 hour basis. Not only that; each home in Victoria will have a smart meter, radiating more EMR to the people of this state.

Unless our Premier stands up for us, the new car slogan for Victoria should say "Victoria- the EMR Capital of Australia".


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