Total disregard for ratepayer

I HAVE been attempting to get the laneway grass in Hamilton Street Lexton slashed for about four years. I contacted Pyrenees Shire on several occasions, and have never had a call returned.

The Shire Secretary's secretary finally took my call and promised a call back the following Friday. They went on leave on Thursday, didn't they? Still no call since.

I then called the local paper, and they too said they would call. Guess what - no call back either.

What sort of uncaring society do we have nowadays? If this catches alight (and it will, as there are 4WDs and motorbikes use it as a shortcut on many occasions) our two houses will go up in smoke.

Where do I go for help, and what legal comebacks do I have when it does eventually burn?

I have also contacted my local councillor who said he would look into it - again no reply.

I'm a member of the local CFA, and I simply will not and cannot leave my residence to save someone else's property, and this goes against my conscience and principles and why?

When my wife has had surgery and cannot move fast, and my mother-in-law is in a granny flat next to our house - she is 87.

I'm absolutely disgusted by the shire's total lack of professionalism and common courtesy to not even return a phone call.




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