It's  time for action, but with care

All the votes have been counted, new councillors inducted, and the new mayor elected. So now it is time for action, but with care!

Councillors carry on their shoulders the enormous responsibility of guiding Ballarat through the next few years of the decade, and they will be keen to start implementing their election promises.

Councillors, please pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that you walk in the footsteps of those skilled artisans and brilliant stone masons who, in coming to Victoria in search of gold, left us with a legacy that is the beautiful city of Ballarat - a city of visual charm and architectural elegance acting as a catalyst to tourists and those families seeking a more enjoyable lifestyle.

I am passionate about Ballarat and feel that progress and respect for the past can walk side by side culminating in Ballarat becoming the sparkling jewel in the crown of the large provincial cities not only in Victoria but throughout Australia.

Mr Mayor and fellow councillors, the challenge is in your hands!




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