Double standard on value of human life

The letter "A different perspective on gun ownership" 29/12/12 states that "do-gooders" concerned about gun violence should focus on other killers in society like alcohol and cigarettes and so on.

All these issues are receiving attention, for example plain packaging of cigarettes and cancer research, but there is hypocrisy in broader society regarding the preservation of human life.

Aborting innocent defenceless human beings from their mother's womb with the intention to kill them is murder, and is a complete double standard in our society that values human life.

What attention does the violence of abortion, the greatest killer in our society receive?

Former PM John Howard, commended for bringing in gun restrictions in the wake of the Port Arthur tragedy, said publicly on TV "That would be going too far!", to remove Medicare funding from abortion.

Across society there is this double standard on the value of human life.




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