Sport should only be about fair play

I SUPPOSE I get a trifle upset at times while watching sport on TV, if the side or player I support is getting thrashed. But something else can drive me to blind, impotent rage.

First, there is that handsome, lovable, man-next-door, who wants to take my money, and yours, who urges me to bet sensibly (a bit tongue in cheek, perhaps), who is part of an industry that wrecks lives, wrecks homes, and drives people to suicide.

Tom Waterhouse may truly be a lovely bloke, so may be the local brothel-keeper. Both are making a profit from human weakness.

Second, there are the alcohol ads. Few things wreak more havoc in human society than this deadliest of poisons.

There is literally no area of life that is not adversely affected by the undesirable affects of alcohol consumption. Again, we are urged to drink responsibly. Sadly a significant minority fail to do so.

Yes, these things are legal, will no doubt continue to be so.

But sport is about physical and mental fitness and alertness, above all about fair play. Convince me that gambling is fair play.

How many bookmakers go broke and commit suicide? How many brewers, liquor sellers? One side gets rich on the misery of the weaker members of society, hence I am angered by seeing these things connected with sport.




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