Come clean on health funding cuts please

I'm disappointed to see that (Ballarat MP) Ms King is again playing politics with the lives of her constituents (letters, January 12).

In attempting to justify the Labor government's savage cuts to health in a vain attempt to create a budget surplus (that we all know will never happen), Ms King relies on population data which show Victoria's population has decreased by 11,000 in the last year.

Ms King would only have to look around her own electorate to know this is utter nonsense.

As Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing, Ms King should be well informed of the needs of the health sector and the insurmountable damage that her government's cuts will have to local health care providers.

Ms King should put party politics aside and stop her petty squabble and blame game with the state government.

She needs to admit that the population figures she relies upon are inaccurate and move on. She needs to understand that her actions are putting the lives of hundreds of Ballarat people in jeopardy.

We expect our elected representatives to make decisions in our best interests, not for their own political advantage, as Ms King seems to be doing.

I'd encourage Ms King to talk to the health community, the state government, local residents, other key stakeholders and most importantly the Federal Minister for Health, so as a community we can work through these funding cuts, find a solution, and get the best result for the people of Ballarat.




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