Clarifying views on abortion

There were replies on The Courier website to a letter I sent (January 11) regarding abortion being a double standard in our society.

One reply misrepresenting me needs correcting. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough.

The comment "You call it murder but then claim to not want it stopped just more education" is both right and wrong.

I believe abortion is murder but I didn't claim that it should not be stopped.

Yes I do believe that the pro-life movement can educate society about abortion and help people.

A number of pro-life people have had abortions themselves and even worked as employees in abortion clinics, then converted. They have compassion for people who have lost their child to this tragedy.

It is a double standard that our society values human life on the one hand and on the other approves of the publicly funded murder of innocent defenseless human beings, who have no choice in the matter.

Where is the condemnation of Medicare funding of abortion clinics? Abortion should be illegal.

The intentional killing of an unborn baby, abortion, should be stopped, can be stopped. I have never stated otherwise.




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