Missing the point of Geelong Road works

I DROVE through the Mt Clear-Geelong Road-Whitehorse Road roundabout heading towards town today.

The roadworks appeared to be finished. What isn't so apparent is what all the time and money spent has accomplished.

How is the road safer now than before the work started?

How many buses use that road during peak traffic times?

Fires are unpredictable in every possible way; how could a mass evacuation to a safer area be carried out during those times?

Who would be responsible for the possible consequences of not providing a road that could help people survive?

This situation is so disgusting it is incomprehensible.

VicRoads, the Ballarat council, TAC, state government, federal government, surely there must be people working in these agencies that can understand the implications and urgency for the need to act to protect the people that they are representing?

So many questions, is there anyone out there that is prepared to answer them?

My understanding of legal liability concerning 'duty of care' is if there is reasonable forewarning of a dangerous situation then there is a need for action to try to prevent any harm from happening.

They have all been forewarned. I just don't get it.




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