Peris selection a blight on Labor

Mr Swan said "it had long been a blight on the (sic Labor ) party that we had no representative from the indigenous population".

Well it's now a bigger blight that had you wished - we now know that you could have installed an indigenous member in any of these seats in any other election for over 100 years.

But you chose not to, and you now want us to applaud you, you must be kidding.

You have denied another Aboriginal woman who was standing for pre-selection in that seat her chance.

She had not won a gold medal before so she was not good enough for you I assume.

On top of that you have placed another member's financial future and security at risk.

If that person had been a paid employee anywhere else, how would your own Fair Work people think about that?

But this is politics, and less about the players in the game than the outcome for you personally Gillard and Swan.


Mount Egerton


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