Waiting for council to clear remaining grass

An update on the long grass in Gregory Street.

Firstly, I would like to thank all the people who gave support to the locals of Gregory Street on this issue.

The story in The Courier did achieve some action, but the job has not been completely done.

What has happened is the city fire safety officer came and pondered the problem, and the CFA joined him and pondered the problem.

They all then left and went their own way - the fire safety officer to have a look at his computer at the office, on which he found that the strip of land with most of the long grass in fact belonged to V/Line.

He then let V/Line know about this long grass, to which V/Line responded and cleaned up - quite quickly I might add.

So now we are still waiting for the council to do likewise as there is still some long grass left for someone from council to attend to.


Lake Wendouree


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