Lost opportunities to fix health system

Our health system is dying after three lost opportunities to fix it forever.

1: Kevin Rudd guaranteed that if it was not fixed by mid 2010 he would personally take control to end the destructive state vs federal bickering on this vital issue. He said "The buck stops with me". Nowadays health would like a buck from anywhere. Alas he was disposed of prior to action.

2: Kevin's re-run for leadership thwarted. He had the figures to fix health, but not his unhealthy ballot outcome.

3: Finally all my hopes were pinned on a meeting of our premier with the health minister. A surprising chance encounter on camera, on the footpath between the two resembled a hit and run accident.

They both say they put in more whilst both accusing the other of less. A surge in ageing baby boomers will soon test out the new funding system that has already failed.

All night war zones on streets require extra staff on penalty rates, thus bleeding funds from mainstream.

More bed closures may mean an excuse to delay our promised multi-level carpark and heliport.




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