Free choice does not override nature

May I respond to the letter of Ben Lever (February 7) in which he denounces the natural law as if he created himself.

The natural duality of male and female, and their union, was from the beginning of time, meant for the future generations of humanity upon earth.

Men and women have the free will to determine their sexual behaviour, whether they have a child or not, but a child is the God-given gift to a father and a mother. This reality is always the natural blessing upon heterosexual marriage, and even upon irresponsible promiscuous encounters.

Ever since divorce, attacks upon marriage and family have been made licit by state legislature, until now the push is for same-sex liaisons to be regarded as marriages.

Free will is part of human nature to choose objectively right or wrong, which no one can change by votes or verbal diatribes.


Lake Wendouree


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