Be open-minded on wind farms

I CAN understand why there is some concern raised by people when a wind farm is proposed for an area - we don't have much experience of having them on our farms.

I think that is what is happening for some people who question wind farms being built in their neighbourhood.

This concern is not helped by the misinformation and scare-mongering that is deliberately created by groups like the Waubra Foundation and the Landscape Guardians who oppose wind farms but are silent on the expansion of coal or gas developments into some of Australia's best farmland.

From my trips to Scotland (my wife is from Glasgow) I know that wind farms are widespread and generally accepted as part of change that needs to be made if we are to have safer, cheaper power in the 21st century.

Similarly in Denmark, Holland, Spain and Germany wind power is very common and widely accepted.

So while I can understand why some people's immediate reactions may be skeptical towards wind farms, it is also very clear to me that we cannot keep burning coal to make our power.

Coal power is dangerous, polluting and getting more expensive, and no-one really accepts that fracking for gas is a safe or sustainable way of getting our power.

If you look at the overall environmental, health, economic or social impacts of wind compared to coal, gas, nuclear or hydro, you will see it is by far the safest and best option for helping generating our future power.

I only hope that people do that research well before they jump to conclusions and condemn wind power as unviable for central Victoria.

Dean Bridgfoot



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