Is it time to draw a line on public mobile use?

Etiquette seems to be lacking of late when it comes to the use of mobile phones in public.

Or perhaps I'm in the wrong for not seeing it as professional or acceptable on any level when the cashiers at the petrol station are on their mobile for non-work related reasons while serving you and only give you so much as a nod of the head, if you're lucky.

Apparently it's not just the workers though as I recently found myself in the checkout at my local supermarket where the middle-aged lady being served, happily chatted away on her phone seemingly unaware of the cashier's existence.

Is this what society should now accept or does the line need to be drawn? Mobiles already intrude on social events and appear to be doing so increasingly.

The temptation to check Facebook, emails, messages or whatever it may be is so imposing that some groups now ensure that when going out for a meal, each participant places their phone at the centre of the table with the first to touch theirs being left with the collective bill.

The mobile has certainly become an essential part of our everyday life, but its primary purpose is to allow us to connect and communicate so why is it that we so often let these phones prevent us from doing so?




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